Innovative Production of sweet heavy crude



2020 Resources is a growth-oriented, private energy company focused on environmentally sustainable sweet heavy oil (bitumen) production from oil sands. The Company's 2,000bpd project is located in Utah's Uintah and Grand counties where the Company has a 100% interest in bitumen leases covering 5,930 acres. These leases contain a large resource base in excess of 180 million barrels of discovered petroleum.

Environmentally Friendly


2020 Resources is now beginning production of sweet, heavy crude from its Utah project. January 1, 2020 will bring

extraordinarily significant changes to the maritime fuel industry. Shipowners without scrubbers must eliminate the use of 3.5%

sulfur fuel oil and use compliant fuels with less than 0.5% sulfur. Four million barrels per day of high sulfur fuel oil (5% of daily

crude must now switch). Sour, heavy crudes will become less valuable on January 1, 2020 while sweet, heavy crudes will become more demanded.

2020 Resources crude oil is an ideal premium fuel to meet the market’s needs. Both sweet (0.4% sulfur) and heavy (12 API),

we believe our crude is an excellent direct blendstock for bunker fuel suppliers, bunker blenders, and refiners to meet the new

demands for the new compliant 0.5% Very Low Sulfur Fuel Oil.

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Extraction Innovation


 2020 Resources expects to develop its properties by using a unique and environmentally friendly extraction process. This one-of-a-kind, patented approach to bitumen recovery will allow the Company to achieve best-in-class environmental results along virtually any metric. The process utilizes a renewable and biodegradable solvent that efficiently and effectively separates the bitumen enabling the Company to eliminate intensive water use, Immediately reclaim mined areas & drastically reduce surface disturbances.  This technology is also expected to achieve top tier performance on water conservation and GHG emissions while significantly reducing the capital cost of projects when compared to similar developments. 



PR Spring Project Location

Uinta Basin, Utah

In the event of an emergency at our PR Spring Project site in NE Utah, please contact the 24/7 emergency call center at 1-970-773-2893.

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